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9 out of 10 nurses felt that Kleenex® Optimum Hand Towel performed better2...
White Papers and Facts
The importance of hand towels in healthcare hygiene

Hand drying is a critical yet often overlooked aspect of hand hygiene. To increase Healthcare Worker compliance with hand hygiene it is important to provide them with drying options that are effective and non-irritant.

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How wipers play a critical role in infection prevention

The Role of Single-Use, Absorbent Cleaning Cloths in reducing Healthcare Associated Infections. Rather than embracing new, fancy technologies and cleaning products, decision makers need to better understand and appreciate the critical role a cleaning cloth plays in infection prevention.

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Paper Towels Vs Jet Air Dryers

Jet Air Dryers force users to share disgusting bacteria and viruses. This comparison chart outlines the key differences between paper towels and Jet Air Dryers.

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Safer Bathing in Aged Care Residential Settings

Reducing The Opportunity For Transmission of Infection By Reusable Cloths and Towels, and an examination of the risks to skin integrity among the elderly and the importance of maintaining healthy skin.

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Standardising Environmental Cleaning in Healthcare: The Role of Specific Wipes.

Environmental cleaning resulting in a clean and dry surface seems like an obvious and easily achieved outcome. This white paper review shows that recommendations from relevant Australian guidelines in the main, are vague, ambiguous or lacking. As such they explain much about why healthcare cleaning in Australia is not standardised.

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2. Preserving skin integrity - survey of 174 nurses in NSW & Victoria Oct 2017. Products tested: SCOTT® code 13207; KLEENEX® code 4456; TORK® code 148430.


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