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Scott washroom food processing

Scott® Washroom Solutions deliver unmatched hygiene for environments where contamination control is a high priority. Engineered to be efficient and compact, these systems can provide superior protection against contamination.

Scott Hard Roll Paper Towel 1005

Scott® Rolled Towels

Hygiene for Any Location

This efficient and compact system dispenses 140m to 305m per roll with easy setup and loading. Other benefits include our Airflex technology and a compact footprint.

Scott Optimum Folded Paper Towel 4457

Scott® Folded Towels

Small Footprint, Big Difference

Versatile and efficient, each package contains 150 to 250 paper towels. Plus, our Airflex technology is designed to allow people to use less towels and create less waste.

Scott Jumbo Toilet Paper 5748

Scott® Toilet Paper & Seat Hygiene

Maximise Protection & Cleanliness

We offer a range of toilet paper options designed to improve efficiency and provide the clean experience you deserve. Our toilet seat and surface cleaner helps you maximise hygiene.

Scott Foam Skin Cleanser 12552

Scott® Hand Soap

Designed to Enhance Hygiene

An easy-to-load, enclosed skin care system that enhances hygiene in areas that need it most. Suitable for everyday use, our high-capacity Foam Skin Cleanser is designed to minimise running out. Sealed cassette helps to prevent cross-contamination.

Scott Facial Tissue Flat Box 4725

Scott® Facial Tissue

A Touch of Comfort

This two-ply, interfold toilet paper is designed to keep cost and hygiene under control. Single sheet dispensing ensures you only touch the toilet paper you use.

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