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4940 Kimberly-Clark Professional® Centrefeed Wiper Dispenser

CODE   4940

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SIZE : See Specifications

COLOUR : Smoke Grey

•The Kimberly-Clark Professional® centrefeed wiper dispenser, suitable for selected centrefeed wipers and hand towels

•Touchless wiper dispensing for increased hygiene

•Lockable dispenser helps deter pilferage and waste

•Sleek design, free from dirt and dust traps improves workplace hygiene

•Features a viewing window to check hand towel levels before refilling


The Kimberly-Clark Professional® centrefeed wiper dispenser is part of the Kimberly-Clark Professional® dispenser range, created to promote hygiene, improve comfort and reduce costs. The centre feed design allows the user to take as much or as little wiper as needed, helping to reduce waste. The dispenser can be wall mounted in kitchens, bathrooms and other washing up areas for easy access. This touchless hand towel dispenser reduces contamination and the spread of germs in busy washrooms. This centrefeed wiper dispenser is lockable to discourage pilferage and waste and is also equipped with a viewing window, to reduce maintenance time. The stylish smoke grey design features a high gloss and easy-clean finish. Kimberly-Clark Professional® dispensers form part of a wider range of cleaning products designed to create a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.

Package Dimensions   

Cases per Pallet :   48 cases

Quantity per Case :   1 dispenser

News: FSC Certification For Australian Made Products

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  File Name Type File Size Language Date Posted
Brochure: WYPALL* L10 L30 Wipers.pdf Brochure 663.4KB English 05/01/2012
WYPALL* X70 Sales Sheet Brochure 589.0KB N/A
Technical: Dispenser Diagram - 4940.pdf Dispenser Diagram 748.4KB English 05/18/2011
Installation Guide: Wall Mounted Centrefeed Dispenser - 4940.pdf Installation Guide 713.9KB English 05/18/2011
Loading Guide: Centrefeed Wipers Dispenser - 4940.pdf Instructions for Use 20.0KB English 05/18/2011
How do I contact a Kimberly-Clark representative?

Please contact our Customer Care team, give them your city & state and they will give you the name of your local sales representative.

How can I get more information about a product?

Please contact our Customer Care team.

Where can I get a Product Technical Bulletin or MSDS sheet?

Each of our product detail pages has all of the relevant resources available, including MSD and PTB. If you still can’t locate the material you are looking for please contact our Customer Care team.

Are there bathroom products that can help me to reduce costs?

With a wide variety of products and systems designed to control usage and reduce waste, KCA bathroom products offer many opportunities to reduce waste in the bathroom and other areas.Hand towels, toilet tissue and soap all offer cost saving opportunities.

What are the use areas for your products within the health care segment?

Public washroom, nurses stations, and patient’s rooms.

What is the primary challenge hospitals face in their public washrooms?

The primary challenges are the prevention of cross-contamination and the presentation of a clean, hygienic image through an adequate supply of towels, tissues, and skincare products using the appropriate dispensers.

How can I improve the sanitation of key areas of my store: deli and food service, meat and poultry, butcher, bakery, produce, checkout?

Be sure that hand washing is easy. A working sink, plenty of paper towels and a steady supply of soap is a must.

My properties are not Class A, why should I choose Kimberly-Clark products?

KCA manufactures a range of products which offer different performance levels for every class of office building. Always consider Kimberly-Clark towels, tissue, soap and dispensing systems.

Washroom maintenance is a key for keeping my washroom clean, but clogging is always a problem. Does Kimberly-Clark have products that will not get clogged in my toilets and soap systems?

We do have specialised products that can help reduce clogging. Request that a Kimberly-Clark Professional Representative visit with you to discuss these products.

As long as we do not run out, why should I care about towels, tissue and soap?

Three simple reasons:1. Your tenants expect the best quality for the rates they pay.2. You expect the best value for what you pay.3. Our products are designed to help reduce your overall cost.

How can I improve hand washing efforts of my employees?

The most important thing you can do is to be sure your employees know you are serious about hand washing and other food safety efforts.This can be reinforced with the prominent display of Kimberly-Clark Wash Your Hands stickers. Call our Customer Care team on 1800 647 994 if you would like some stickers.

Will WYPALL* L10 Roll Control reduce usage?

The new WYPALL* L10 Roll Control will reduce usage.Research commissioned by Kimberly-Clark found that on average the WYPALL* L10 Roll Control wiping system cut wiper consumption by up to 25% thereby potentially reducing costs. We suggest that you trial the product to determine the actual reductions/savings for your business.

Will standard centerfeed wiping systems work in the new WYPALL* L10 Roll Control dispenser?

No, WYPALL* L10 Roll Control was designed as an integrated system requiring both dispenser and rolls. Likewise Roll Control rolls will not work in traditional centre feed wiping dispensers.

Is the WYPALL* L10 Roll Control dispenser lockable?

Yes. The WYPALL* L10 Roll Control dispenser offers the choice of snap lock convenience or key lockable security.

How do I know when I am near the end of the WYPALL* L10 Roll Control Roll?

The WYPALL* L10 Roll Control dispenser has a transparent window on the front of the dispenser allowing you to view your roll use.

The WYPALL* L10 Roll Control Roll sheets do not appear to be dispensing well, they are ripping on dispensing.

Dispensing must be in a downward direction. Check that the sheet is feeding correctly and that it is not clogging by opening the door and restart the feeding through the dispenser if necessary.Check also that the dispenser is properly mounted at the correct height (1.6m from the ground).

Two sheets of WYPALL* L10 Roll Control Roll Wipers are being dispensed at a time, why is this?

Ensure that each sheet is gripped as low as possible.Two-sheet dispensing can occur when the offset between sheets is closer than normal. This will correct itself with continued dispensing.

Do you have toilet and facial tissue dispensers?

Yes, we have both facial and toilet tissue dispensers. If you do not see the one you are looking for on the site, please contact our Customer Care team or your KCA sales rep.

Will your product work in my dispenser?

Most Kimberly-Clark products are designed to fit in any dispenser.

How do I order keys for my dispensers?

To request a new dispenser key please submit an enquiry form

What products does Kimberly-Clark offer for my dispensers?

On the dispensers section of the site the individual dispenser pages list all the products available for each dispenser.

What if my dispenser breaks? What do I do?

To request a new dispenser key please submit an enquiry form

Do you have mounting instructions for dispensers?

Yes. Please contact our Customer Care team and they will work with you to fulfil your needs

How do I get dispenser loading instructions?

Please contact our Customer Care team and they will work with you to fulfil your needs.

How do I get a Kimberly-Clark dispenser?

Please contact our Customer Care team and they will work with you to fulfill your needs.

We have a limited budget for renovations. How can I get my property to look its best with little money?

KIMBERLY-CLARK® Dispensers are contemporary and attractive and will complement any decor. The line includes dispensers for hand towels, toilet tissue and soap.

How can you help me keep my public washrooms looking clean and tidy?

KIMBERLY-CLARK® Dispensers for public washrooms, are not only attractive, they make your job easier.With systems designed to minimize mess and needing less maintenance, they will help to keep the image of your property looking the best.

What can I do to help my employee areas look neat and tidy without investing a lot of staff time to keep it that way?

Kimberly-Clark’s Dispensers are designed for quick and easy maintenance. They have windows which allow you to see inside so you know exactly when a refill is needed without having to open the dispenser.

Case SizeHeight: 383.25mm Width: 265.48mm Depth: 266.25mm

Gross WeightCase: 1.741kg

Case Barcode19310088049401

Inner SizeHeight: 425mm Width: 140mm Depth: 130mm

Net WeightCase: 1.369kg

Inner Barcode19310088049401

Results per page:

  Name Code Colour Qty/Pack Units/Case Environmental
WYPALL* L10 Heavy Duty Centrefeed Wipers 94120 White 300m/1 roll 4 rolls per case CEM Certification
94121 WypAll® L10 Regular Duty Centrefeed Wiper Roll 94121 White One 300m roll 4 rolls (300m per roll) CEM Certification
WYPALL* L10 Heavy Duty Perforated Centrefeed Wipers 94122 White 300m/1 roll 4 rolls per case CEM Certification
WYPALL* L20 Heavy Duty Centrefeed Wipers (Perforated) 94124 White 435 wipers / 165m roll 4 rolls per case CEM Certification

Product Finder

Use one or all the filters below to find the right products for your needs

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Product Finder

Use one or all the filters below to find the right products for your needs

Matching Products:

Select another option to further refine your results.